The Workers’ Comp. Insurance Your Firm Needs


man rubbing sore shoulder while sitting at a desk at workIn 2015, the Bureau of Labor Services estimated that there were 1,153,490 cases of work-related injuries and illnesses that resulted in missing days from work. This statistic can be scary for both businesses and individuals alike.

For many small businesses and law firms, it’s easy to take on a family-like environment in the workplace. And the last thing any employer wants to see is a valued employee that they’ve grown to know become injured or sick as the result of just doing their job. But it is a reality and Workers’ Comp insurance is there to help ease the burden.

The State of Florida mandates that all businesses with more than four employees provide an insurance policy to pay for medical treatment and salary benefi­ts of injured workers. Unlike other types of coverage where you get to choose the ultimate cost via limits, covered events and deductibles, Workers’ Compensation Insurance benefi­ts and rates are set by the State Legislature and the Division of Workers’ Compensation Department of Financial Services. Therefore, you will pay exactly the same base price for this coverage no matter what carrier you choose.

law firm enrolling in a workers' comp insurance planWhat Makes Our Workers’ Comp. Insurance Different

While you no doubt wish to protect your employees from suffering an illness or injury at work, wouldn’t it be great if your workers’ comp. insurance plan actually paid you?

With the workers’ comp. insurance plan put in place for The Florida Bar, it can.

Think about it. Every year your business or law firm spends plenty of money to financially protect their employees in the event of an on-the-job-related illness or accident. But what happens when the year passes and none of your employees have needed to collect on any workers’ comp. benefits? For many businesses, nothing.

However, by being a member of The Florida Bar, you have an opportunity to purchase your workers’ compensation insurance with a dividend. Your practice will be granted the buying power usually reserved for larger organizations. By grouping The Florida Bar members into one single group, each ­firm is eligible to participate in a dividend program based on the group’s overall performance and combined loss ratios.

In fact, assuming that The Florida Bar group goes an entire year without a claim being filed, you could receive up to 24.8 percent of your dividend back.

Does your existing workers’ comp. insurance plan do that?

If the overall group’s loss ratio for the year is under 40%, participating Florida firms may be eligible to receive a partial return on their dividends. Enabling them to spend the money as they see fit, or invest the extra money into additional safety prevention measures such as courses for their employees, pamphlets, or posters to put up around the office.

Additional Benefits For Members of The Florida Bar

Over the course of the past 30 years, Member Benefits has worked together along with top insurance carriers, as well as The Florida Bar, to bring members the best deals and discounts possible.

Members of The Florida Bar now have access to a unique amount of member benefits that do not just end with highly coveted dividend-based workers’ comp insurance plans. Members of The Florida Bar have access to special deals and discounts on a wide range of insurance products such as Health, Dental, Long-Term Disability, Term Life, Long Term Care, Medicare Supplement, Supplemental Health, and Pet.

As an added bonus to your membership at The Florida Bar, you now have access to special savings on select airfare and hotels for when you travel for business or just to relax.

To see what other unique benefits and savings are available to members of The Florida Bar, visit for more information.