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Dispelling 4 Myths of Long Term Care Insurance

Did you know that 70% of people over 65 will require some care at some point in their lives? Nearly 44% of early and late Baby Boomers and Gen Xers are expected to fall short of meeting their basic financial needs in retirement - that is including their nursing home or home health needs. Based ...

WEBINAR REPLAY: Long Term Care Planning

Long Term Care is a tough subject for anyone to discuss. But not taking action could mean significant difficulties for you or your family later in life. Did you know that once long-term care is needed, the average American loses their entire life savings within nine monthsÂȘ? There is a significant gap in health insurance …


The Holidays are the Perfect Time to Discuss Long-Term Care

Ready to have the discussion about long-term care this holiday season? We’ve got some tips for you.


Long Term Disability vs. Long Term Care Insurance

Ensure you’re properly covered by learning the differences between long-term disability and long-term care insurance policies.


Tips for Long-Term Care as Rates Rise

These tips for long-term care will help you understand more about the growing need for this type of insurance and the best ways to choose the right policy for you.


WEBINAR REPLAY: Avoid Financial Pitfalls by Planning for Long Term Care

There is a significant gap in health insurance that exposes a hole in the retirement planning process. Long Term Care insurance covers this gap.


The Best Time to Purchase Long-Term Care Insurance

If you’re thinking about shopping for a long-term care insurance policy, this information will help you determine when to buy and what to take into consideration.


Avoid Financial Pitfalls by Planning for Long Term Care

Register for our free webinar to learn how to get the Long Term Care coverage you need to protect your retirement and your family from financial burden.


The Dangers of Avoiding the Tough Conversations

Discussing long-term care and estate planning with your family may be difficult, but planning your insurance needs ahead of time is beneficial for everyone.